Zukanator is a cannon-like Bakugan Battle Gear with the top appearing to look like a Castle Tower. It is so massive, that most Bakugan in the anime can't support it.



Zukanator is a Bakugan Battle Gear. It is a magma-launcher that straps to the back of a Bakugan. It has four red laser beam pointers on the side to increase accuracy. At its tip is a silencer to reduce noise and allow for surprise attacks. In the toys, it attaches with a bit of an angle. There are four rectangles similar to solar panels at the base of the Battle Gear.


Bakugan: New VestroiaEdit

Spectra used it with Helios MK2 in episode 51. It is much more powerful than Twin Destructor.

Ability Cards
  • Zukanator: ???


It was released in June along with Chompixx, Boomix, and Battle Sabre.

Its Copper version has 80 Gs. Its Gold version has 90 Gs

Reference Card
  • Haos Effect: If your Bakugan has the lowest printed G-Power, you get +150 G-Power
  • Subterra Effect: If your Bakugan has the lowest printed G-Power, you get +100 G-Power


  • Zuknator is most likely, the biggest, heaviest battle gear.
  • It's drawing highest G for Bakugan Battle Gear in the Anime, with Boomix (possibly because It was a more powerful type of Twin Destructor).

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