When I came over to this wiki, I noticed there wasn't a list of rules. In my opinion, that's crap, so I decided to come up with basic rules. If any of you admins have a problem with any of the rules, I'll make an admin discussion blog for it so we can discuss the rules. The rules are listed below:

  1. No Vandalism - If you've come to vandalize, I suggest you either to leave or get ready to be blocked.
  2. No Spamming - Do not spam. Spamming annoys people and makes messes.
  3. Put in Valid Information - This is not a fanon wiki. It is a back-up canon wiki. People come here to find the right info.
  4. Be Nice - Do not go around harrassing others. If you can't be friends or even get along, then don't talk at all.
  5. No Sockpuppets - We will not allow you to use multiple accounts. It's confusing and it's a good way to ruin a wiki.
  6. Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Help - If you have a problem, come to us admins. We are here to keep the wiki balanced and help people.
  7. HAVE FUN!!!!!!! - A wiki isn't a job (except for us admins of course). Come have fun while editing. Make friends. And most importantly have fun!!!!!!!!

Failures to follow rules 1 - 5 will result in a punishment. Punishments are listed below:

  1. First time - Warning
  2. Second time - Blocked for 3 days
  3. Third time - Blocked for 1 week/2 weeks
  4. Fourth time - Blocked for 1 month
  5. Fifth time - Blocked for 6 months
  6. Sixth time - Blocked for 1 year
  7. Seventh time - Blocked for infinite