The Twelve Orders are a group of Gundalians that started the invasion of Neathia the members are as follows.


Emperor Barodius - Leader - Darkus User - Guardian: Darkus Dharak - Battle Gear: Airkor

Kazarina - Haos User- Twelve Orders Scientist - Guardian: Haos Lumagrowl - Battle Gear: Barias

Nurzac - Subterra User - Guardian: Subterra Sabator - Battle Gear: Chompixx

Gil - Pyrus User - Guardian: Pyrus Krakix - Battle Gear: Battle Sabre

Airzel - Ventus User - Guardian: Ventus Strikeflier - Battle Gear: Battle Turbine

Stoica - Aquos User - Guardian: Aquos Lytherus - Battle Gear: Razoid


Ren - Darkus User - Guardian: Darkus Linehalt - Battle Gear: Boomix

Zennet - Haos User - Guardian: Haos Contestir - Battle Gear: Sparta Blaster

Mason - Subterra User - Guardian: Subterra Avior - Battle Gear: Lashor

Sid - Pyrus User - Guardian: Pyrus Rubanoid - Battle Gear: Destrakon

Jesse - Ventus User - Guardian: Ventus Plitheon - Battle Gear: Vilantor Gear

Lena - Aquos User - Guardian: Aquos Phosphos - Battle Gear: Terrorcrest

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