Raptorix is a new Super Assault Bakugan. It looks like Falconeer mixed with Ravenoid and Altair in ball form. It is part of the BakuCyclone series of Super Assault Bakugan. It was released in May/June with Splight, Merlix, Mystic Chancer, and Glotronoid.


Bakugan: Gundalian InvadersEdit

In episode 1, an unknown kid used a Ventus Raptorix.

In episode 4, Mason Brown defeated a unknown kid who used Ventus Raptorix.

In episode 8, Two Real Pyrus and Ventus Raptorix were seen flying near the brawlers that were hypnotized and working for Gundalia. That means they are on the Gundalian Side.


A Darkus Raptorix has a G-power of 780, a Ventus Raptorix has 760 G-power, an Aquos Raptorix has 770 G-power, and a Pyrus Raptorix has a G-power of 750. Subterra has a G-Power of 820.

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