Glotronoid is a new BakuBolt Super Assault Bakugan.


Bakugan: Gundalian InvadersEdit

In episode 1, a kid used a Darkus Glotronoid.

In episode 2, a Darkus one was used by the Neathians in Ren Krawler story.

In episode 5, a girl used it alongside a boy's Subterra Snapzoid against Mason and Lena's Clawsaurus and Gren.


It lights up and does not make sound like Lumitroid. It looks like a combination of Dual Hydranoid and Saurus. It was released in May/June with Splight, Merlix, Mystic Chancer, and Raptorix. Glotronoid and other light up bakugan can be a bit glitchy sometimes so if it stops lighting up keep hitting it against the magnet to the card rappidly and it will start working again.

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