This season of Bakugan was the first focusing on a team called the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. In the team were

Dan Kuso - Pyrus Brawler

Julie Makimoto- Subterra Brawler

Runo Mizaki - Haos Brawler

Alice Gehabich - Darkus Brawler

Choji Marukura "Marucho" - Aquos Brawler

and Shun Kazami - Ventus Brawler

the first part of this season is about a mysterious man named Masquerade. He brawls people and activates a weird card called "the Doom Card" it sends the losing bakugan to the Doom Dimension to suffer.

The second part of the season focused on stopping Naga from getting to Earth so they can stop the destruction of the two worlds.

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